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Organization and management

  • diagnosis of the management system
  • research on the climate of the organization and views of the management on the level of organization of the company
  • rationalization of the steering range
  • management system design:
  1. management system philosophy
  2. organizational structure
  3. management function catalog
  4. information and decision runs
  5. employment in non-manual positions
  • organizational documentation:
  1. organizational rules
  2. a book of services, including employee activities
  3. update of internal normative acts
  4. regulations and instructions
  • information service system:
  1. management information system
  2. marketing information system
  • business process management project
  • ISO documentation
  • project of the enterprise's logistics system
  • study of working methods
  • a project to rationalize employment at workstations
  • research and design of laboratory work
  • research on the use of laboratory work time
  • examination of the degree of use of laboratory equipment
  • development of a price list for laboratory services
  • comparative analysis in selected areas

Assistance in obtaining funds from European Union funds

  • financial installation for an investment project with the selection of possible aid programs (pre-accession, post-accession and other measures)
  • drawing up applications for public aid for companies from the SME sector, large business units as well as state administration and local government units
  • management of investment projects from concept through assistance in obtaining funds, implementation, settlement and monitoring of investments
  • investment feasibility study
  • business plan
  • analysis of the economic effectiveness of the investment
  • technical documentation for the needs of the investment
  • local and regional development strategies for the needs of local governments

Strategy and market research

  • testing the compliance of the company's strategic behavior with the surrounding
  • general strategy, product-market strategy and functional strategies
  • strategic segmentation of the company
  • market and public opinion survey in the country
  • diagnosis of market resources

Controlling and financial management

  • diagnosis of financial resources
  • diagnosis of material resources
  • study of the effectiveness of investment programs
  • control system design
  • draft rules for the functioning of the controlling service
  • budgeting system design for basic and auxiliary production units as well as administrative and staff units of the enterprise
  • implementing the budgeting system
  • economic process costs calculation project
  • draft rules for the functioning of internal economic reconciliation
  • instructions and procedures for the planning process
  • business plans for large and small enterprises

Personnel Management

  • diagnosis of personnel resources
  • personnel policy project
  • project of personnel controlling system
  • motivational system design
  • project of personal development system
  • personnel management documentation:
  1. work regulations
  2. bonus regulations
  • pay tables
  • collective labor agreement
  • job evaluation
  • tariffs
  • job mediation and shaping personality traits consistent with the requirements of the workplace
  • trainings, including interpersonal ones

Examination and assessment of the level of risk

  • performing audits of organizational systems
  • identifying threats resulting from system imperfections in the areas of:
  1. techniques
  2. organization
  3. IT
  4. human

and threats resulting from system conditions

  • identifying sources of risk
  • examination and assessment of the level of risk

Business consulting

Advice on:

  • business management (restructuring)
  • organization of human teams
  • personnel promotion
  • creating new organizations
  • creating strategic documentation