Code of Ethics

I. Mission

  1. Our services are designed to help our clients with our knowledge, skills and experience, to function more efficiently and effectively, contributing to their market success.
  2. We use new fields of knowledge and research methods that drive creativity and entrepreneurship in building the strength and market expansion of our clients.
  3. The products we offer are of high quality, showing a high level of content, creativity and utilitarianism.
  4. We are fully committed to solving our clients' problems by meeting their needs and expectations.
  5. We apply the highest standards of business ethics.


II. Domain of activity

The domain of activity of Instytut Ekonomiczny "MODUS" Sp. z o.o. is conducting consultancy, research and implementation activities in the field of economic sciences, in particular in the following areas:

  • help in obtaining external funds for the development of companies,
  • improvement of organization and management systems,
  • implementation of process management systems,
  • improving the efficiency of companies' operations (operational excellence),
  • creation and operationalization of BSC-based strategies,
  • management of labor resources and job evaluation,
  • risk management,
  • optimization and improvement of logistics systems,
  • asset management,
  • internationalization of enterprises' activities.

The experience of our employees, in-depth knowledge of the specificity of the company, skillful movement in enterprises allows for very effective and conflict-free cooperation with the management and employees at all levels of management in the implementation of projects.


III. Basic personal and professional ethical standards

  1. "Primum non nocere" - our basic principle is not to harm any stakeholders during ongoing work.
  2. We take responsibility for our actions.
  3. We undertake projects for which we have qualifications resulting from education and experience.
  4. We constantly improve our professional skills, striving for continuous personal development.
  5. We raise the prestige of the consultant profession by performing it in a dignified and exemplary manner.
  6. We follow a code of ethics and encourage others to act in accordance with it.
  7. We comply with the law of the country in which we implement our projects.


IV. Basic ethical principles regarding the management of consultancy services (projects)

  1. We manage projects carried out by us, aiming at promoting maximum efficiency, while striving to optimize costs.
  2. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques in the field of consultancy services to ensure the implementation of objectives consistent with the client's assumptions, as well as quality, cost and time of execution.
  3. We treat fairly all team members, colleagues and collaborators who carry out the project regardless of race, religion, gender, personal and cultural preferences, age or nationality.
  4. During the implementation of consultancy services, we provide employees with appropriate working conditions.
  5. We submit our work to honest evaluation, we listen to other reasons impartially and we acknowledge the contribution of others.
  6. We support team members and colleagues in their professional development.


V. Basic ethical principles regarding the implementation of consulting projects

  1. As employees, we are loyal representatives of our companies and WIP Group.
  2. Conducting market expansion, we apply the "fair-play" principle to the Client and Competition.
  3. To the extent necessary for the correct implementation of projects, we actively cooperate with designated representatives of clients.
  4. In carrying out consulting projects, we represent our clients with respect to the matters entrusted to us.
  5. We preserve the confidentiality of information on commercial matters, technical processes, organization of the Company or the Client (unless the obligation to disclose does not rest with us under the law), also after termination of employment.
  6. We inform our employers, clients, professional organizations or public institutions about any circumstances that could lead to a conflict of interest.
  7. We avoid activities that could be recognized or create only the impression of corruption and openly express our opposition to such activities.


VI. Basic ethical principles regarding social responsibility

  1. We protect the safety, health and well-being of society and openly speak out against the violation of these values.
  2. We strive to spread knowledge about corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.