Who we are

Economic Institute „MODUS” Limited liability company was founded in May 2001 and registered in Regional Court in Gliwice with the number KRS 0000023751.

The founding body of the Company consisted of Research Institute (with a Branch in Gliwice since 1949) of the Institute of Economics and Organization in Warsaw.

The initiators of founding the Company also included the clients of the former Research Institute who appreciated the need for such company’s existence and continuing its activities.

The founders of the Company made a contribution in factual knowledge and experience in research and developmental studies in the area of organization, management and economic problems of business enterprises, which enabled continuing and further improvement of factual knowledge.

Presently, the scope of Company’s activities is gradually extending, employment of young, well-educated team, who brings new values into the Company,  creates favourable conditions for undertaking new challenges.


We are also supported by the team of experienced experts from the Institute of Organization INORG Ltd.